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01 Ingredients and Directions
03 Color Groups
04 Lip Color Application
05 Semi-Permanent vs. Long Lasting Lip Color
06 Three product ECO system kit collections
07 Why we are different
08 28 Product Questions and Answers (PDF)
09 LIP-INK Spot removal
APPLYING LIP-INK® COLORS/Ultra Colors/Chakras Colors
Applying LIP-INK® Eye Liners
Applying LIP-INK® Eye Shadowgels®
Applying LIP-INK® Lip Liners®
Applying LIP-INK® Magic Powders
Applying LIP-INK® Miracle Brow Liners
Applying Lip-Ink® Toners
Are your vials organic too?
Can I carry LIP INKĀ® Color Cosmetics along with other branded cosmetics?
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Full LIP INKĀ® product Ingredient list USA EU
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How do you care for liner brushes?
How do you care for your LIP INK Liquid Lip Color?
How long does a vial last?
I wanted to demo your product before purchasing. How do I find a LIP-INK® retailer in my area?
If I spill LIP-INK® Color what should I do?
Is there anything I should do before my meeting with a sales representative?
LIP-INK® Guidelines for Safe Product Use
Suppose I have chosen the wrong color?
What are Tinted SHINE moisturizers?
What causes LIP-INK® COLOR to become patchy or streaky?
What if I make a mistake in application?
What is the best way to care for LIP-INK® Color?
What is the difference between Clear and Shine?
What is the shelf life of LIP-INK® Cosmetics?
Why are LIP INK products not compatible with other cosmetics?
Why can't I get a clean line with the lip liner?
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