How do you care for your LIP INK Liquid Lip Color?

LIP INK® Color Cosmetics are made from Vegan, Kosher, Natural, Organic & Botanical ingredients not testsed on animals and are not compatible with any other cosmetics. The result you achieve using the LIP INK® Guaranteed Smearproof lip color will far outweigh the results from your old fashioned lip color. Our patented 3 product ecosystem consists of three product types: Water, Oil & Botanicals (LIP INK® OFF Base conditioner/remover, LIP INK® wax free shine, Lip Shine Moisturizer, and Lip Ink® Liquid Lip Color). Using all three products is the only way to achieve truly guaranteed smearproof results. LIP INK® color cosmetics are sold to first time user in kits with over 60 colors to choose from. Keep out of heat, hold upright to avoid spilling and close vial tightly to keep color from evaporating. Always moisturize with LIP INK® Lip Shine Moisturizer before applying LIP INK® color.

Upon first application of our Lip Ink Lip Color; to ensure proper color you must first wipe the tip of the applicator onto a tissue before applying to the lips.