How can I stop LIP colors going darker/blue on me?

Shake the vial untill the beads move freely. Wipe tip of applicator on tissue and re-instert into vial. Wipe excess into vial before applying, test on inside of hand for closest shade comparison. If it appears to dark plot tip onto cosmetic tissue or cosmetic pad (e.g. This can take red all the way to pink with as many as 500 color variations) If color is still to dark you can use LIP-INKĀ® Magic Powders to lighten color. We reccomend 3 layers for longest lasting power. However if you are happy with first color, you can use LIP-INK® clear color for layers to complete your process. If this still doesnt meet your desired color, you can  use one of our LIP-INK® lip stains that contains white, which includes Venusian flesh and redwood. If blue is still coming up you can choose an orangey tone color to eliminate the blue