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Thank you for your interest in our LIP INK® Members Only program

We self-manufacture here in the USA, the World’s Only 100% Smearproof color cosmetics
LIP INK® color cosmetics need to be demonstrated to each customer to ensure that proper application procedures are followed.
For the first time in 21 years and after 3 generations of selling online, we are opening the opportunity to display our testers in retail locations to allow customers to test drive each color in person allowing your full imagination and creativity to thrive.

easel image
"Demonstrated and Sold Here" Easel used in our members only kiosk in-store.

Rose Nichols President CEO founder of Lip Ink International started the first cosmetic dot com business online in 1995 after filing for over 32 patents bringing to the world, the only 100% smear-proof color cosmetics. LIP INK® currently self-manufacture's over 785 cosmetic products, selling them over 20 web sites and after 22 years and 3 generations of loyal customers daily asking to see our smear proof technology and our over 2 million color combinations, that work for every ethnicity, we are finally ready to enter the retail market with a demonstrable informational product line sold in the form of a kit. Since the future of retail sales is changing, we recently introduced a new web site “ www.lipinkmembersonly.com “ that addresses consumer and retail needs. It focuses on how retail will look in the years to come, with the premise of stores carrying only one try on item of each size for shoes, clothing, and cosmetics. When Amazon Prime began to grow for us, we took a page out of their book and married their customer service concept, with the inventory free concept, that is why we are here to explain how it will benefit retail stores, and kiosks, with minimal startup costs.

The Unique 3 Product System

The Three product system that makes up the LIP INK ® Smear proof Liquid lip kits, are different than all other Cosmetics!

  • ☑100% Smearproof
  • ☑Organic
  • ☑Natural
  • ☑Vegan
  • ☑Kosher
  • ☑Organic
  • ☑Wax Free
  • ☑Cruelty Free
  • ☑GMO Free

LIP INK ®Pure Liquid Lip Stains propitiatory lip color technology consists of a "Three Product System" sold in the form of a kit. LIP INK's Three product kit comes with LIP INK® botanical liquid lip stain, LIP INK® OFF natural exfoliant cleanser and LIP INK® Lip Shine Moisturizer base conditioner, providing maximum hydration and sun protection. Other super stay lipstick and lip stain products are not 100% guaranteed smear proof and they create a drying effect while LIP INK® Lip Stain doesn't need a sealant or lip gloss supplement for added moisture or color. Accompanying the no-texture liquid sheer botanical formula, LIP INK® Lip Stains three product system is 100% smear proof with long lasting moisture to keep your lips looking better than ever. LIP INK® is Not compatible with other cosmetics.

This unique proprietary technology is used in our lip, brow, lash, and face products that are also 100% smear proof, waterproof and it is natural, organic, vegan and kosher empowering your healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Our program is simple - you do not need to make an investment in purchasing any products or displays.

We have taken a direct approach to make selling our products in your stores, with the least investment possible providing the maximum outcome for you and your customers. Below you will find an introduction video, as well as recommended guidelines to ensure your success.

  • 1. First read our policies and procedures and agree to the terms by signing our agreement and addendum.
  • 2. You must have an approved store, Kiosk or County /State Fair to demo the world’s only LIP INK® Liquid Lipsticks sold in the form of a kit.
  • 3. You must start with purchasing our LIP INK® Lip Color tester kit, which includes everything you need to start this program. The cost is $1,500.00.
  • 4. Next you will have on line training for the product testers and how to sell LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick kits. Be sure to read the FAQ section under the resource section on the LIP INK® Members Only web site.
  • 5. You are then given instruction how to order on line. For every product order “not testers, demo/sales aids or sales tax” you place on the LIP INK® Members Only web site, you will receive 35% in bonus reward dollars.
  • 6. You need a computer with updated software/ or smart phone/tablet to place your orders on the LIP INK Members only web site.
  • 7. You will be given a unique log in to our members only web site, that allows you to order any products for your customers on a dedicated retailer web site.
  • 8. All orders will be shipped directly to your customer with free shipping on orders over $150 (for U.S customers only), you can choose from several shipping options, Fed ex, USPS, DHL overnight, 2 day shipping and so on. The payment gateways available are any credit card.
  • 9. You will not carry any inventory, with the exception of LIP INK introductory trail size lip kits, which sell for a discounted rate, for the purpose of allowing your customers to “Test Drive” LIP INK Liquid Lipsticks while they are waiting for their order to arrive in the mail. You do have the option to purchase demo and sales aids at any time on the web site to assist you with selling.
  • 10. You will have customer support through a dedicated call center M-F 8am to 5pm PST.
  • 11. Your products are shipped directly to your customers using the shipping method they choose, paid for by the customer.
  • 12. Your customers are given a unique code to our LIP INK® Flagship Stores, where the customer will be entered into a monthly raffle. This encourages your customers to use your Retailer Coupon Code when purchasing through our website. You will be given a bonus report and bonus check monthly.
  • 13. You will receive bonuses of 20% for all sales that are placed with your unique coupon code on the LIP INK® Flagship Stores online.