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LIP INK® Semi-Permanent Lip Colors are Virtually Impossible to Smear!

The Patented 3 product ecosystem consists of three product types: Water, Oil and Botanicals (OFF, Shine, and Color). Using all three products is the only way to achieve truly guaranteed smearproof results. LIP INK® color cosmetics are sold to first time users in kits with over 60 colors to choose from. LIP INK® cosmetic color requires a remover because the color cannot be removed with soap and water. The remover LIP INK® OFF is also the base cleanser and conditioner to the color application and is so gentle it can be used to around the eye area to remove products like the LIP INK® Eyeliner. No color cosmetic can claim to be Patented Guaranteed Smearproof if it does not require a remover to remove it.
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LIP INK Semi-Permanent Lip Kits: Smearproof Lipstick & Long Lasting Lip Color LIP INK Smearproof Lip Stain Sampler Kit LIP INK Mini Kit
2 Pre-Packed LIP-INK® Lip Colors, 1 Lip Shine Moisturizer, 1 Off Vial and 1 Refill Bottle Choose 2 Full Size Liquid Lip Colors, 1 Shine Moisturizer, One Off Vial, One Off Refill Bottle. Choose 1 LIP-INK Lip Colors, 1 Shine Moisturizer, and 1 Off Vial
LIP INK Lipstain Trial Size Kit
Choose one Trial Size Lip Color. This kit is ment for one time use.